Indoor vs Outdoor cats

Deciding whether your cat is going to live completely indoors or spend some time outdoors requires careful consideration from you and your family on things like:

1. Where you live – If you’re on a busy street you may want to reconsider letting your cat outside. Check that you live in a pet-friendly neighborhood that doesn’t have busy sites (shops, schools, construction) to ensure the safety of your cat.

2. Activity or behavioral needs of your cat – Your cat may not be as active therefore not interested in venturing outdoors. Or your cat may be an expert hunter that could potentially cause damage to the surrounding nature. Wherever your cat spends most of his time, it is important to make sure he can enjoy natural cat activities such as: scratching, hunting, stalking, and catching prey (real or pretend).

When cats are kept entirely indoors, and if their needs are not met, they can become bored, fearful, and/or anxious. This can lead to unwanted behavior, such as scratching of furniture or not using the litter box. It is important to make sure your cat has an enriched environment to meet their needs. Always consult with your vet to ensure that your cat’s emotional, social, and environmental needs are being met.

3. Indoor-only living is an option, but you will need to work a bit harder to ensure that all your cat’s physical, emotional, and social needs are being met. Get creative with your space to enrich your cat’s life. Living indoors can also lessen risk of injury since your cat is not exposed to outdoor dangers.

Tell us if your cats are indoor or outdoor?

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