Finding Your Pawfect Buddy

Connecting with a Pet Buddy couldn’t be easier. Jump into your dashboard and you’ll be able to find, connect and communicate with verified pet buddies in your area! Here is a quick guide to help you!

First things first!

To get a lot of attraction and make sure that buddies and other pet parents can learn about your pet, first complete the pawfile with a nice picture and a detailed description about your pet’s habits and needs.

And if you are a pet buddy, also known as pet lovers a.k.a sitters / part time parent, you should also complete your pawfile with as many details about you and upload photo as well!

Go Premium!

Other Pet Parents and Pet Buddies prefer to connect with verified members and their pets. So becoming a Premium member and completing our verification process will increase your chances of finding a perfect match.

You can become a Premium member and verify yourself by clicking the “Go Premium” button on the top bar. Once you have paid, our system will automatically request to verify your Emirates ID and you are good to go.

3 ways to find a pawfect match

If you got to know another dog owner on a walk, want to connect with a colleague who also owns a cat or simply look for a buddy who lives near you our search functions have you covered.

Search by Name

If you are looking for a person or pet you got to know somewhere, simply enter their name in the search function of the filter and their profiles will pop up.

Filter based on interest, location or availability

Maybe you are looking for somebody living in the same neighborhood or with the same interest? Our filter system offers you the option to tailor your search for the perfect buddy specifically to your or your pet’s interest and needs.

Use the map and explore the community

Our map offers you a great option to explore the community and check out members around you.

Add a Buddy

We recommend to connect with Buddies and other Pet Parents by adding them as a buddy. You can do that by pressing the “Add Buddy” button on their profile. On your ”My Buddies” tap you can see if your connection request has been accepted once the person appears in your buddy list and a “chat” button shows on their profile.

Watch this short demo

When choosing which members to message, bear in mind only premium, verified buddies and pet parents can reply.

Message and meet

Once you’ve messaged with another member and feel comfortable, you’re ready to schedule your first meet and greet.

This is a great opportunity for the buddy, the parent, and the pet to get to know each other and share important details.

So have fun and enrich your pet’s life and yours by finding the perfect buddy. Good luck on your search. If you need a helping paw reach out to us at any time.

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