3 tips for the purrfect cat sit

Like you we have always been fascinated by cats all our lives. Their elegant walk, their mysterious aura, their independent character, their mischievous and playful nature – what’s not to love?

Like humans, some cats are extroverts and love making new human friends. They come straight at you, demand attention and can’t get enough neck scratches. Others are introverts, preferring alone time, or they are shy and need more time to get to know you.

Whilst cats can generally be easier than dogs, there are still guidelines a cat sitter can follow to ensure the purrfect cat sit. Here are a few to get your started:

1. Get cats active.

Feeding and providing litter box maintenance may be the primary items on your cat-sitting to-do list, but don’t forget that cats need exercise as well. In addition to helping cats keep their muscles strong and maintain a healthy body weight, exercise also provides mental stimulation to keep their minds active and helps you increase your bond with the cats in your care. Try toys such as feather dancers, catnip infused plush and scratching poles to stimulate action. Always remember to check with the owner on the cat’s energy levels and type of play.

2. Brush up on Grooming.

You can enhance your cat-sitting visits or home boarding by offering simple brushing or combing. Regular grooming for cats is important to not only keep cats looking and feeling good, but to also get them comfortable with regular handling. Regular brushing or combing stimulates and conditions cats’ skin and can also help prevent mats and control hairballs. It’s also a great bonding time for you and your kitty friends.

3. Ask the right questions

When connecting with the cat owner, don’t forget to ask questions about the cats’ food preferences, feeding times, outdoor access, medication, energy levels and vet / emergency details. This provides both and the owner piece of mind.

Happy Cat Sitting!

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