Do’s and Don’ts of Pet Sitting

One of the benefits of being a MyPetBuddy member is being able to share your animal passion with other pet owners to help them care or sit for their pet – allowing you to have ample play and bonding time with them as well!

Here are basic Do’s and Don’ts to ensure your pet sitting visits are enjoyable and smooth.
  • DO: Know before you go! Connect and meet with the owner and the pet, in their home, well before you begin sitting. Develop a rapport with both the pet and the pet parent.
  • DON’T: Leave preparations until the last minute. It’s important to build a relationship with the owner and pet so everyone is comfortable with the pet sit. Be sensitive to the fact that leaving a pet at home can be stressful for BOTH the pet and the owner.
  • DO: Ask questions. What are their major concerns? Find out pets routines, likes and dislikes and how they prefer to be handled. Interact with the pet. Reassure them that you’ll attend to and care for their animal in the best possible manner.
  • DON’T: Assume that everyone is on the same page about the level of pet care. Manage expectations about what you can and can’t do before hand. For example, once or twice a day walks, how much food to feed, walking routes and times – ensure every detail is covered.
  • DO: Ask for a record of all important information, including emergency contacts, veterinarian information, feeding instructions in case MPB vet line support urges you to visit them, medications, alarm codes, etc.
  • DON’T: forget about other ancillary tasks that the owner might require while they’re away, especially if you are staying over.
  • DO: communicate with them and perhaps text them daily with updates or pictures to reassure all is in order and going well.
  • DON’T: Ignore a pet’s initial reaction to you in their home. Be patient and calm with pets that are withdrawn or scared. Pets are sensitive to change and may be missing their people; maintain their schedule as much as possible.
  • DO: On the last day, tidy up and brush the pets so they look good for their parents’ return home. Leave a handwritten note sharing an anecdote or two about an adventure you had with their pets. Remember, leaving a pet behind can be overwhelming. Use these rules to be the best buddy to the furry ones and their owners.
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