A guide to being a Pet Buddy

Have you always wanted a dog or a cat but are unable to have one or maybe you used to have one at some point in your life and miss spending time with a furry companion? MyPetBuddy gives you the opportunity to not only become a pet sitter (buddy) but also to find a new clawsome pal and spend quality time with a new friend. At MyPetBuddy we are proud to have created a community of people that absolutely love spending time with both cats and dogs, talking about them and making new friends.

Here at MyPetBuddy we are pawsitive that dogs and cats are happiest when they are given the one on one attention and belly scratches that they deserve. So, signing up as a pet buddy is worthwhile and rewarding. Pet buddies are passionate animal lovers, who for some reasons aren’t able to keep a pet of their own. Pet buddies are available for walking, care and play dates in your local area.

Here are some handy tips to become the ultimate pet buddy.

1. It is always advisable to connect and get to know the pet parents and their pets first to build trust and gather knowledge about the pet and their requirements prior to volunteering your time.

2. When connecting with the pet parents, ask questions that relate to their pet’s daily routines, diet, favorite types of play, behavior around strangers and their temperament. The more you know about your potential furry buddy the better informed you are about its well-being!

3. Share your experiences and be honest about it, this will help you and the pet parent to decide if both are a pawfect match or not. Every 4-legged member is an individual with different needs.

4. Ask for emergency details like a vet or next of kin if you plan on pet sitting for a period of time. Keep these numbers handy in case of emergencies – do not forget we also have our 24/7 vet line available for any advice and support.

5. Arrange several meet ups with your 4-legged buddy and their parents to build rapport. Socialize and play in different settings to build familiarity and trust.

6. For walking, get to know the walking routes that the pet usually takes – in some cases the pet will probably guide you! Make sure to never unleash the dog in a public area unless it is a designated dog park. Always seek pet parents’ consent.

7. Get verified – Become MyPetBuddy Premium member where we offer online verification for added security and trust. Those with verification are more likely to be invited for play-dates and care.

8. Remember that MyPetBuddy is a community of pet lovers that offer their time in exchange for furry companionship. Pet buddies do not charge members because they do this out of pure love for 4-legged friends. This is your chance to become part-time pet parent.

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